LLC "BukNanoTeh" - Limited liability company that specializes in searching, developing, producing and selling scientific products and inventions.

Our mission is to support Ukrainian scientific products on the world market and contribute to the economic and technological development of our country.

Currently LLC "BukNanoTeh" aimes at selling, generating, searching and implementing of innovative ideas, cooperation of scientists and entrepreneurs.

The company brings to market their products and at the same time represents other scholars engaging in projects, conferences and exhibitions. LLC "BukNanoTeh" is an intermediary between science and business in the field of nanotechnologies and implements the developments, scientific technologies.

Peculiar properties of LLC "BukNanoTeh":


Our clients are companies that aim to improve their production processes and products, introducing new technologies into practice.

Methods of our work are innovative, we go to the new ways of making inventions and creating new technologies. We believe that we can change the world economy, introducing innovative production scheme. Making innovations in microtechnologies we affect the global processes. That's how we change the world!

We are open to any form of cooperation and are ready to consider all proposals.